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Go green with Snyder Heating & Air

Snyder Go Green HouseSearch for an air conditioning Jacksonville unit, and you’ll be bombarded with SEER ratings, efficiency promises, low-price guarantees and more. To truly “go green” with your indoor comfort system, don’t try to decipher all the details. Call the experts at Snyder Air Conditioning. Not only do our technicians understand the newest technological advancements in heating and cooling, but they adhere to the Snyder promise of individuality. You’ll receive an opinion based not just on the ability of a certain system to perform, but on how it will perform in your home. Such “going green” advice might include:

  • Selecting a unit with a high SEER rating. Though the initial investment in such a unit may be higher, a high-efficiency system may pay off hugely over time.
  • Suggestions regarding how to keep allergens where they belong – outside. Trusted manufacturers like Trane offer true comfort systems that not only cool and heat the air but also improve the inside environment. For those who suffer from debilitating allergies, such a system can literally be a life-changer.
  • Advice to scrap the Freon-based unit. The once-popular refrigerant is being phased out for more Earth-family options. Replace your Freon-powered unit soon, and your planet and your wallet will reap the benefits

For more information regarding green options for your air conditioning Jacksonville home cooling and heating needs, contact Snyder Air Conditioning at (904) 647-1975.