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What Does a Thermostat Do?

Built as a temperature-sensitive switch, a thermostat for the home will automatically turn the air conditioning and heating system on and off to maintain a level of quality air in the home’s interior. The functionality of the thermostat varies between units. Some thermostats are highly sophisticated with fully programmable adjustments that create high-efficiency operation and complete functionality. Other manual thermostat units simply turn the A/C unit on and off at a single pre-set temperature. Selecting the Best Thermostat Selecting the best thermostat for your home can be simplified by determining the type of HVAC system … read more »

Clever Ways to Conceal Your A/C Unit and Thermostat

Most homeowners put up with the unsightly appearance of their air-conditioning system when the summer days are long and scalding hot. However, when the cooler air arrives, the compressor unit on the exterior of the home that is not being utilized can quickly turn into a distracting eyesore. However, there are a few ways to conceal the A/C unit from view. Planting Shrubbery Planting shrubbery approximately 2 feet away from the A/C unit is a quick solution to hide it from view. It is important to select dense, hardy shrubs including evergreen bushes or boxwoods … read more »

Lower Heating Bills In The Winter

We are all looking for ways to keep costs down. While there are some “wants” that we can cut out of our lives, we quickly note that there are some things that we just need to spend money on. For example, if you live in a place where cold weather reigns in the winter time, you are going to use your heater. Whether you live in a six-bedroom home or a one-bedroom apartment, you are no doubt going to look at your energy bill at the end of the month and shake your head at … read more »