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How to Lower Your Energy Bill?

Home Heating Costs

In today’s economic climate, everyone is justifiably looking for ways to live frugally and cut down on expenses. One area where you might be inadvertently spending more than necessary is your energy and utility bill. There are a lot of different ways to cut down on your use of power and thus save on your monthly utility bills. Saving power not only helps you but also your environment. It helps in preventing the depletion of the ozone layer due to harmful gases and prevents global warming and the resultant weather extremes, which we are already … read more »

What is Involved in Installing a New System?

central air conditioning unit

The US federal government strongly recommends that homeowners with air conditioner units more than ten years old should replace the units. This recommendation comes with strong reasoning. The Department of Energy and Environment Protection Agency (EPA) points out that air conditioners and heat pumps that are ENERGY STAR-qualified can result in significant energy savings for the homeowner. So it makes sense to replace your old, inefficient AC unit with a new and more efficient unit. Considering your older AC unit may be a power-hungry system that makes up a substantial portion of your energy bill, … read more »

Clever Ways to Conceal Your A/C Unit and Thermostat

Most homeowners put up with the unsightly appearance of their air-conditioning system when the summer days are long and scalding hot. However, when the cooler air arrives, the compressor unit on the exterior of the home that is not being utilized can quickly turn into a distracting eyesore. However, there are a few ways to conceal the A/C unit from view. Planting Shrubbery Planting shrubbery approximately 2 feet away from the A/C unit is a quick solution to hide it from view. It is important to select dense, hardy shrubs including evergreen bushes or boxwoods … read more »