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Maintenance, Install, or Repair: Snyder Heating and Air Does It All


Everyone wants to live in comfort. In winters we want to stay warm and toasty and in summers we want to stay cool and comfortable. This is why you need to have a reliable heating, air conditioning and ventilating unit for your home. This will ensure that you stay comfortable whatever the weather and also that you and your family are breathing clean filtered air. Once you have purchased a good HVAC system, you have to ensure that it is properly installed, maintained and kept in good repair. This is particularly vital if you live … read more »

What is Involved in Installing a New System?

central air conditioning unit

The US federal government strongly recommends that homeowners with air conditioner units more than ten years old should replace the units. This recommendation comes with strong reasoning. The Department of Energy and Environment Protection Agency (EPA) points out that air conditioners and heat pumps that are ENERGY STAR-qualified can result in significant energy savings for the homeowner. So it makes sense to replace your old, inefficient AC unit with a new and more efficient unit. Considering your older AC unit may be a power-hungry system that makes up a substantial portion of your energy bill, … read more »

What is a Heat Pump?


If you have an HVAC system installed in your home, you have probably heard the term ‘‘heat pump’’ used. What exactly is a heat pump? Using technical jargon, a heat pump is defined as a refrigeration system that works on a mechanical-compression cycle and is used to either heat up or cool down a controlled space. The installation of a heat pump consists of two main parts, an indoor unit, aka an air handler, and an outdoor unit that is similar to an air conditioner. A compressor is used to circulate a refrigerant that absorbs … read more »

How Can I Eliminate Odors


Our homes can be incubators for all types of smells. How your home smells can affect your own mood and influence the impression guests have of your home. The smell of your home, whether good or bad, is a factor that everyone who enters the home notices. A bad odor in your home is the last thing you need. Fortunately, there are plenty of products that we can use to get rid of bad smells. The method you use to remove odors from your home depends on the cause of the odor. One common source … read more »

AC Unit Life Expectancy


Whether you have just had an air conditioning installation from your Jacksonville, FL contractor or you are getting some repairs on your existing heating or cooling units, you probably want to understand the expected lifespan on this costly equipment. This is not something that can be answered easily because there are so many factors to consider. For example: • What brand was installed? Some firms are known for making remarkably durable units, such as Trane AC, and some are not. The quality of the brand has a lot to do with anticipated life expectancies. • … read more »

What Causes Indoor Air Pollution

With high concentrated levels of indoor air pollution, it is essential to be proactive at improving the quality of your indoor breathing. There are numerous household indoor plants that can scrub away the air pollution within your home. Surprisingly, indoor air pollution in your house can be up to five times as bad as the pollution on the outside of your home. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there are conditions of home air pollution that are up to 100 times worse than the outdoors. The results of these high numbers are usually obtained … read more »

What Is Involved in Replacing an Old System?

AC units that are older than 12 years usually need to be replaced, as they have outlived their life expectancy. The replacement of an old system requires the removal of the outdoor compressor and the indoor air handler. The entire process should be performed by a licensed professional with the tools that can remove the refrigerant and clean/replace the ductwork. Calling a HVAC professional to replace an air conditioner and duct work is a smart choice for any homeowner. A professional will have the skills and tools necessary to disconnect and replace the central unit … read more »

How Do I Select the Right Heating/Cooling System?

Selecting the best heating and cooling system for your home should depend on the region in the country where you live, the limits of your budget, and the age of your home. You can select from units that operate on gas, oil, or electricity and even boilers and heat pumps. Now that it is time to replace your heating and cooling system, making the right decision might not be an easy one. There are various factors to consider about a heating and air-conditioning system other than selecting one that is the most energy-efficient. Your decision … read more »

What Information Do I Need to Register My Unit?

When registering your new AC unit, you will need to provide the manufacturer with your name, address, date of purchase, date of installation, serial number, and model number. It is important to register it as quickly as possible in case of any recall on your unit. Now that you have purchased your brand new air conditioner, and it is been installed, it most likely has a warranty from the manufacturer the needs to be registered. It is essential to take advantage of the warranty in case anything goes wrong with the unit in the future. … read more »

Lower Heating Bills In The Winter

We are all looking for ways to keep costs down. While there are some “wants” that we can cut out of our lives, we quickly note that there are some things that we just need to spend money on. For example, if you live in a place where cold weather reigns in the winter time, you are going to use your heater. Whether you live in a six-bedroom home or a one-bedroom apartment, you are no doubt going to look at your energy bill at the end of the month and shake your head at … read more »