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ThermostatSummers in Florida can get quite hot, especially when combined with high humidity off the coastal areas. This potent combination can cause sunburn and heat stroke and unless you make sure you’re hydrated well and stay in the shade at all times. Of course just standing in the shade is not going to help with the actual heat, but it will reduce the risk to your health. To be comfortable, it is imperative to own a well maintained and top of the line HVAC system. We at Snyder AC are one of the most popular and well-respected air conditioning companies serving in Jacksonville, FL.

The real issue that people face in the summer days is not only the rising temperatures affecting health, but rather the effect of using temperature controlling systems on their wallets. In Florida, there is typically a 75% increase in energy bills during the peak summer months when compared to the depths of winter. Though this is an understandable increase considering the increased usage of the a/c system, not many people realize that this increase can be reduced by more than half just by taking a few simple precautions.

Pre-season Check Up

Before the start of the summer season, it is always important to do a complete efficiency check up on your air conditioner. After being out of usage for long periods of time it is possible that some of the parts may not be as highly functional as before and this might lead to major losses in the cooling cycle. A routine check would help in identifying such problematic parts and give you sufficient time to take the required corrective procedures, and call in the cavalry.

Clean or Replace Your Air Filter

Cleaning the air filter in Jacksonville is one step that is not only to be done at the beginning of the air conditioning systems usage, but also must be carried out periodically. Since the air filter is also responsible for removing any particulate matter, it is vital that it be clean to ensure a healthier living environment. A clogged and dirty filter would greatly reduce the volume of the air flowing through the system and would force a much higher work rate on your air conditioning unit to successfully operate on the same amount of air. An air filter that is cleaned once a month, during the peak summer months in Jacksonville FL would never hinder the operation of the air conditioner.

Program Your Thermostat

Since most people are not home all the time, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to run at full blast all the time. But it is also true that turning the system on and off whenever one leaves the house for a while is also not ideal, since compressors and other working parts require a lot more energy when starting from a full stop. The ideal solution would be to purchase a programmable thermostat. This would allow you to fix a schedule where the a/c would maintain the temperature of the house at, ideally, 78 degrees when occupied and at a higher temperature when no one is at home. This would greatly help in reducing the energy used than turning the system on and off on all the time and would also help with the air conditioner price on your utility bill.

Insulate Air Ducts

Another major factor that many people and also professionals in the air conditioning industry do not take into account is the loss in the air ducts and vents. A properly insulated and completely covered piping system with no leaks would make a large amount of difference when compared to one that is partially exposed or has leaks. Over time, almost all systems develop these types of leaks, so it is imperative that the ducts and vents are checked for any open or un-insulated areas at least once before the summer season sets in. The crawlspace, attic and garage are prime areas where this issue might rear its ugly head, and your HVAC technician will check them during his routine maintenance, so that you can stay cool and also save on your energy bill.

These simple steps can ensure that you do not experience any undue lightness in your wallets these summer months. At Snyder Air Conditioning and Heating, we have the experience of more than 40 years behind us in the Jacksonville area to help us identify potential problems in your HVAC systems before they develop into one. We offer outstanding customer service and look forward to working with you. Call us today for a free estimate.

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