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Beat the Heat With Snyder


Summers in Florida can get quite hot, especially when combined with high humidity off the coastal areas. This potent combination can cause sunburn and heat stroke and unless you make sure you’re hydrated well and stay in the shade at all times. Of course just standing in the shade is not going to help with the actual heat, but it will reduce the risk to your health. To be comfortable, it is imperative to own a well maintained and top of the line HVAC system. We at Snyder AC are one of the most popular … read more »

Don’t Let The Heat Ruin Your Summer Staycation!


Not everyone can afford to go away for a summer vacation every year. In these economically tough times, more often than not, families have to scrimp and save to make ends meet, and so going on a vacation might be a distant dream for many. However for people with young children, a summer break might mean better behaved kids and a break from the tedious monotony of their everyday lives. Most young children might not understand the economics of it and might yearn to go away somewhere; as parents, you can help break the monotony … read more »

Feelin’ Hot! Hot! Hot!


Sometimes in the summer months, you might be wishing you weren’t living in the Sunshine State, as Florida summers can be blistering hot and humid. Everyone knows that the summers can be sweltering and sweaty; so people try and find new and innovative ways to beat the heat in Jacksonville. There are plenty of beaches, water bodies and water-based amusement parks in and around Jacksonville for you to spend your summers in. Apart from air conditioned shopping malls and the theater, there are abundant water games, slides and coves for families with young children to … read more »

How Often Should I Replace My Air Filter?

Home Air Filter Replacement

When you’re living in Florida, you need to be prepared for the summer months. You have to get rid of all the heavy draperies from your windows, all the rugs from the floors and open up your doors and windows to get rid of the damp and heavy winter air. Summer is here – it is time to enjoy the sun. In addition to a bit of cleaning to rid your home of any dampness that has settled in over the winter, you will also want to have your HVAC system serviced. It would have … read more »

How to Lower Your Energy Bill?

Home Heating Costs

In today’s economic climate, everyone is justifiably looking for ways to live frugally and cut down on expenses. One area where you might be inadvertently spending more than necessary is your energy and utility bill. There are a lot of different ways to cut down on your use of power and thus save on your monthly utility bills. Saving power not only helps you but also your environment. It helps in preventing the depletion of the ozone layer due to harmful gases and prevents global warming and the resultant weather extremes, which we are already … read more »

Snyder A/C: Jacksonville’s Residential Air Conditioning Experts


Florida, affectionately called The Sunshine State can leave the locals feeling that maybe there’s a little too much sun at times. This is particularly true in the summers when the temperatures soar to the 100 degrees mark, and the heat and humidity drive you crazy. When the winter’s set in and you’re shivering, you might long for the summer, but that is only till the sweltering summer sets in. It is important to select the best suited heating, ventilation and air-conditioning unit for your home based on the number of rooms, number of people and … read more »

Summer in Paradise


Florida is everyone’s idea of a summer paradise; that is until one is actually out in the sweltering heat, getting sunburn and sweaty. The sticky heat and the unrelenting sun can begin to become too much for many, who flock to the air conditioned comfort of malls, libraries, the theatre, restaurants and the many beaches of Florida and the water-based amusement parks. There are many ways to enjoy yourself in Jacksonville, Florida with your family, while not getting out in the hot sun and getting de-hydrated or sunburned.

Too Hot to Handle


Florida, though affectionately called the Sunshine State, can be sometimes unbearable in the hot and humid summer months. Not everyone can afford to stay in the relative comfort of their air conditioned homes, running up astronomical energy bills. Most common folks are also battling with an old and cranky air conditioner that might just drop dead under the relentless Florida summer heat and the demands of cooling their home. The reason the heat and humidity get to you is because of the way the human body cools itself; it sweats to cool itself; in the … read more »

When Should I Service My HVAC Unit?


Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit is one of the key elements in ensuring that you and your family live healthy and comfortable lives. It literally cleans the air you breathe and helps to regulate the temperature in your home. It is your responsibility to ensure that your HVAC unit is serviced and maintained properly so that you can live comfortably without any problems, summer or winter. Most industry experts recommend that the air filter be cleaned or replaced according to the manufacturer’s instructions and that you call in the professionals and have it … read more »

The Dog Days of Summer


Not everyone is blessed with the pleasant summers of the northern states, or the mildly cool winters of the south. There are always extremes to be dealt with when concerned with climates, and the summers of Florida can get hot. At the height of the season temperatures can hit the three-digit mark, and has the potential to bring life to a standstill. The only option one can exercise when in the slippery grip of sweat and heat is to relax and slip into a vegetative state in front of an air conditioner, provided it works. … read more »