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AC Unit Maintenance

Cleaning AC Unit

When you have an independent air conditioning unit or when it is part of a HVAC system, you need to carry out simple maintenance. This helps in prolonging the life of your expensive equipment and also in improving the efficiency of your air conditioner and heating systems. Some simple steps like cleaning the a/c unit and replacing parts like the filter regularly will help you save significantly on the energy bills. For Independent A/C Units First unplug the air conditioner and remove the front cover; a filter will be placed in front of the coils … read more »

Troubleshooting tips

ac troubleshooting tips

When you are living in a hot and humid climate like Florida, your summers are going to be horrible without an efficient air conditioner. Keeping your air conditioner serviced and at the peak of its performance is really important once summer is under way. However, if there are any issues, you might be better off having a look and troubleshooting before sending for the professionals. This can be a great help, especially at a time when their services are in such a huge demand. Here are some tips for troubleshooting when your A/C is not … read more »

How Do I Check for a Dirty Evaporator Coil?

Almost all air conditioning units have an evaporator coil that serves the purpose of removing heat from the air that passes through the filters of the units and making the coolant liquid in the evaporator coils absorb the heat, thereby cooling the air. This is part of the fundamental working principle of any a/c system and thus it should be obvious that anything that causes the evaporator to malfunction would vastly hinder the proper operation of the device. The best way to deal with the issue is to contact a professional air conditioning and heating … read more »

Air Conditioning Breakdowns in the Summer Months


During the summer, having your air conditioning break down is one of the most miserable experiences possible. Some of the breakdowns occur because of issues that you may be able to fix on your own. The thing to remember is that you should never go beyond your comfort zone when fixing HVAC equipment. The mechanical, electrical and other components in these systems sometimes require that a qualified technician takes a look at them, which can avoid making a bad situation worse, in many cases.

Ventilation and Your Respiratory System Are Related


At this point, most people are likely well aware of the fact that the amount of pollution in the atmosphere in their city can have a serious impact on their respiratory health. Pollutants in the air inside a home or office can have an equally significant impact on your respiratory health and this is particularly the case when the weather is very warm or very cold. With the windows and doors closed, your ventilation system dictates how clean and comfortable the air is in inside your home and has a real impact on your overall … read more »