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AC Unit Life Expectancy


Whether you have just had an air conditioning installation from your Jacksonville, FL contractor or you are getting some repairs on your existing heating or cooling units, you probably want to understand the expected lifespan on this costly equipment. This is not something that can be answered easily because there are so many factors to consider. For example: • What brand was installed? Some firms are known for making remarkably durable units, such as Trane AC, and some are not. The quality of the brand has a lot to do with anticipated life expectancies. • … read more »

Are All Air Filters Created Equal?


Indoor air quality is often quite poor. We may not realize that our chronic sinus headache or our ongoing respiratory trouble is due entirely to the terrible conditions within our home and sleeping areas. Fortunately, all kinds of air filters are available, and are even commonly included as part of our home air conditioning and heating units.

Dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


Known as a “silent killer” because it has no odor or color, carbon monoxide accounts for many household injuries and fatalities each year. The reason it is such a problem is because it quickly poisons any living creature that inhales it for more than a short period of time. When this happens, carbon monoxide overwhelms the oxygen cells in the blood, and literally starves all of the major organs. This will eventually lead to complete asphyxia. Unfortunately, things happen quickly and when someone is exposed to carbon dioxide for too long a period they can … read more »