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Why Is There Water Dripping from My Unit?

Anytime you see any leaking water emitting from the air-conditioning unit, you should never assume that it is operating properly. Many times, the leaking water from the HVAC system will indicate that some component inside the air conditioner has become broken, or is malfunctioning. The easiest way to avoid any potential repair bill is to take action once the problem has been discovered. Leaking Condensation Many times on scalding hot days the home’s air-conditioning unit will run on a continuous basis as a way to maintain a comfortable level of air temperature inside the house. … read more »

What Signs Indicate It Is Time for a Service Call?

There are specific signs and can happen with your central air conditioning unit that can only be repaired using a competent, licensed heating and cooling technician. Usually, if there have been no problems with the HVAC system, routine maintenance is usually all that is necessary to keep it operating efficiently. However, many of the troubleshooting signs that indicate it is time for a service call from a licensed technician include: No Cool Air – On hot days when the A/C system will not produce cool air, it is usually an indication that it is low … read more »

What Is Covered in an Air Conditioning Warranty?

Having a new air conditioner installed is not an inexpensive home improvement. However, when the time comes, it is critical to understand exactly what is covered in an air conditioning warranty to ensure you are making a quality purchase that will help keep the interior air of your home comfortable year-round. The Original Warranty When purchasing an A/C system manufactured by a reputable company, it most likely is installed with an extensive warranty. The manufacturers of most air-conditioning and heating units will provide coverage on the A/C compressor, and associated parts of the unit’s critical … read more »

What Does a Thermostat Do?

Built as a temperature-sensitive switch, a thermostat for the home will automatically turn the air conditioning and heating system on and off to maintain a level of quality air in the home’s interior. The functionality of the thermostat varies between units. Some thermostats are highly sophisticated with fully programmable adjustments that create high-efficiency operation and complete functionality. Other manual thermostat units simply turn the A/C unit on and off at a single pre-set temperature. Selecting the Best Thermostat Selecting the best thermostat for your home can be simplified by determining the type of HVAC system … read more »

Learn 5 Ways to Save Money on Air Conditioning

With the high cost of keeping a home cool, and the non-ending heat waves that continue to make their way across the United States, many families are finding ways to increase the energy efficiency of their air-conditioning unit. The following five tips can help reduce the sizable amount of electricity used to run an air conditioner throughout the heat of the seemingly-endless summer. They include: Adjusting Your Thermostat – Typically, families can remain comfortable during hot summer days when the indoor temperature is at 78°F. However, at nighttime, or when no one is at home, … read more »

Do I Need a Whole Home Humidifier?

Dry air in a confined area can cause significant respiratory issues and increase many of the symptoms of allergies, especially during the cold winter months. When dry air is continually supplied in the home, it can eventually draw most of the stored moisture away from porous fabrics and materials including furniture, woodwork, pianos, wood floors, doors and trim. When the air is dry, the temperature in the room will feel much colder than in humidified rooms. Sometimes the best solution for dry air is to install a whole home humidifier. The Level of Humidity Installed … read more »

Clever Ways to Conceal Your A/C Unit and Thermostat

Most homeowners put up with the unsightly appearance of their air-conditioning system when the summer days are long and scalding hot. However, when the cooler air arrives, the compressor unit on the exterior of the home that is not being utilized can quickly turn into a distracting eyesore. However, there are a few ways to conceal the A/C unit from view. Planting Shrubbery Planting shrubbery approximately 2 feet away from the A/C unit is a quick solution to hide it from view. It is important to select dense, hardy shrubs including evergreen bushes or boxwoods … read more »

Breakdowns – How to Handle an Overloaded Air Conditioner

On scalding hot days, the thought of anything being frozen is a nice idea, especially when thinking about ice cream, and freezing icy treats. However, when it is the air conditioner that is freezing up due to a malfunction from being overloaded, life inside the home can quickly become a miserable experience. Usually, an overloaded, broken-down air conditioner will malfunction at the most critical time of the year. The breakdown is usually a result of the extreme change in temperature. To determine whether the air conditioner has overloaded, the homeowner simply needs to look at … read more »