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Give Your AC Unit a Fall Tune-up

Jacksonvlle, Florida, Technicians Recommend a Maintenance Service The leaves are starting to fall and the summer storms begin to subside. Football season is here and the scorching heat begins to turn into a cool and crisp wind that can only signify one thing; fall is here. Fall means a lot of things but one of the main perks of the changing seasons is less air conditioning and a lower energy bill. But just because you can turn off your AC unit, does not mean that you can ignore its maintenance. Making a small checklist of … read more »

Overheating AC Unit

Is your air conditioner getting too hot? You rely on your air-conditioning unit to keep you cool and comfortable, but what happens when it’s your unit that needs to be saved from the scorching heat? When your unit starts to overheat, it may be too late to solve the problem with a simple repair. It may be time to contact the professional team at Snyder Heating & Air. What causes units to overheat? The main purpose of an air-conditioning unit is to remove heat from a designated space. As a result, heat will be discharged … read more »